AUGUST 13th thru 16th, 2014

Wednesday & Thursday

6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Friday  6:00 PM to Midnight

Saturday 1:00 PM to Midnight

Howdy Folks

We need your help in making this Festival BEST IT CAN BE. Please check out WHO WE ARE & DONATE tabs above.

This web site is a work in progress and hope to get Booth applications where they can be filled out & printed within to make it easier for everyone.

If anyone needs further information, any questions or suggestions, please contact Ben Slagle at or or call 417-489-1462

New this year will be the Hank Jr. & Sassy Sue contest (this in place of the King/Queen - Prince/Princess contest) the voting containers will be in local businesses starting on May 21st.


PO BOX 216,

Pierce City, MO. 65723-0216

South Elm ST. & Pierce City Park, Pierce City, MO 65723